Investing with Mathers is personal.

We have friends who are clients and clients who become friends.
- Elliot Zeelander Managing Partner and Investor

  • Thank you very much for your outstanding work and accomplishments this past year. We really appreciate your dedication, hard work and ingenuity in the midst of this pandemic. You have stayed the storm and helped us feel safe in this turbulent time.

    Phyllis E., Investor since 2008

  • As a family office with a diversified portfolio covering private
    real estate, private equity, and public markets, we have found Mathers’ investment strategy to complement and lower our risk profile. Mathers’ strength in active due diligence and seeking discounted secondary opportunities adds value over time.

    In addition to Mathers’ disciplined approach to investing, we
    appreciate their reporting and status updates on how each
    company is performing. In the complicated world of investments, we value their overview of what is happening to markets and how it can influence our portfolio.

    We recommend Mathers to other investors, and appreciate the personal relationships that we have with Elliot and Jack.

    Kelley B., Investor since 2017

  • Michael and I are thrilled with Mathers’ performance. You and your team should be proud of all your hard work. As we have taken our 1st withdrawal in retirement I am so happy your Dad convinced us to join. Here’s to continued success, happiness and good health in 2024.

    Doris C., Investor since 2012

  • When I mentioned to a friend that I was planning my retirement and looking for an intelligent and safe way to invest for the long term, he said “you should talk to Norbert Zeelander about Mathers Associates.” After our first conversation with Norbert, my wife and I were so impressed with both his transparent approach to investing, and Norbert’s concern for our needs, that we literally invested the bulk of our financial assets with Mathers. Based on conservation of our capital and reasonable returns compared to the market over the past nine years, it was the wisest financial decision we ever made. Elliot and his team have continued to grow Mathers through investing in diverse industries and building strong relationships with its business partners, while providing us an amazing level of communication and service.

    Larry M., Investor since 2008

  • I rely on Mathers to support my long term wealth goals while providing sophisticated investment strategies. What I most appreciate is the continuity of leadership and investment philosophy that Elliot Zeelander and his colleagues provide. They are always available for a quick question or a longer discussion and their follow-up to my service needs is flawless. I have never regretted my decision to invest in Mathers and delight in continuing to refer my family and friends to them.

    John E., Investor since 2007

  • Elliot and the Mathers team continue to impress us with their disciplined approach to investing and capital preservation. We also very much appreciate the communication and the fact that we can call anytime to discuss the status and goings on of the fund. It is comforting to have our stable and steadily growing Mathers account when the markets start their roller coaster impressions.

    Dave R., Investor since 2008

  • Our families have been friends years before I became an investor. Nobert Zeelander, of blessed memory, your founder, was not an aggressive salesman so he waited until I requested to be a client. Unfortunately, I missed some excellent returns over those years and the opportunity to preserve more capital because I had not been invested with Mathers. Your motto about "never lose money" is a great endorsement for your attitude of risk management. The three vital factors in investing with a firm would be trust, validity and reliability. What you have promised me is true and consistent. Your orientation to tax advantaged strategy with reduced risk is very attractive. Investing with Mathers has given me the opportunity to participate in private equity investments that would not be open to me as an individual. I believe this is primarily due to your long history of successful relationships with the private investment community. Keep up the fine work.

    Joe G., Investor since 2008

  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank each of you for a fun and informative reception and presentation! The coffee mugs are perfect and the zip file a very thought out momento. You all always seem to have the compatibility that makes a team! Very important from my perspective! Good luck in all your endeavors. I know we will all benefit from them.

    Carol R., Investor since 2008